Reader Question:

My partner just passed away very early in 2010. We had a wild sex life. She’d outfit me within her clothing and underwear. She would also link me up, whip myself and do myself from trailing.

How weird would be that, and would many girls like carrying it out? How could I bring that right up in a relationship?

-Dustin (Utah)

Dr. Wendy Walsh:

Dustin, I’m very sorry to hear about your girlfriend’s passing. It sounds like you tend to be struggling a double loss, your wife and your interesting sexual life.

We’ll provide some information right off of the top of my personal mind. It is not first big date conversation. Nor is it 3rd or fifth big date dialogue.

This sort of intimate research is best within a safe, enjoying, psychologically romantic union. There are many ladies (maybe not ladies) just who may be involved in an S & M relationship along with you. But no-one will supercede your girlfriend.

The unique intimate hookup and shared tasks you’d are gone. I’m thinking when this wishing for that specific sorts of sex play is also element of your mourning process.

My information: seek out a trustworthy connection and view where sex evolves. You might find something much more interesting.

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